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Exciting Cooking Classes at RH241

Learn unique cooking techniques while making farm-to-table dishes in a fun and relaxing environment. RH241 in New City, New York offers upscale cooking classes led by trained executive chefs! 

What To Expect in Our Cooking Classes

First, guests will be asked to sit down and listen as the chef goes over the menu. Then you will head over into the kitchen for quick demonstrations on how to prepare the dishes.

Then, guests shall be split into groups to work on each part of the menu. Our instructors will be there to assist you throughout the class. At the end of our class, you will go back to your seats to enjoy your freshly created meals. Our cooking classes features:

  • Fine Food and Drinks
  • Hands-on Experience
  • Multicultural Cuisines
  • High-Quality Food Preparations
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Using Local Ingredients

Our culinary staff takes pride in using the best local ingredients, and applying storied culinary knowledge and skill to create and showcase seasonal ingredients.

That is why our menu changes consistently. Regardless of the changes, we always have something to satisfy a wide range of tastes.

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Frequently Asked Questions