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RH241 is an event space in New City. The indoor space can hold up to 80 people and is available as a beautiful space for everything from small weddings to showers, rehearsal dinners, and business meetings. Garden and greenhouse events are also available.

~ Hudson Valley Eats

On Monday, my office had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of Chef Andrew Michaels' newest event space on Little Tor Rd., “RH241.” RH241, formerly known as Red Hill Cafe, has been reimagined to host birthdays, weddings, and all sorts of catered events. The event doubled as a fundraiser for Catholic Charities of New York’s food bank and raised over $1,500 for people in need. It’s always great to see new businesses in the community, and I’m looking forward to stopping by soon!

~ Senator Elijah Reichlin-Melnick

Our sincere thanks to RH241_farm, Chef Andrew Michaels and GMG Public Relations, and Risa Hoag for hosting a grand opening celebration for Andrew's new event space in New City (the old Red Hill Cafe) and using it to raise funds for our food pantry! And thanks to everyone who showed up to enjoy the food and support our cause. The $1,660 raised will go a long way to helping individuals and families in need. Thank you all.

~Catholic Charities Community Services of Rockland

The food and coffee are delicious
Everything is made fresh.
Quaint setting.
Quality ingredients

~ Angela Nasta

New City, NY (January 30, 2023). After spending nearly two decades pleasing peoples’ palates with exquisitely crafted food at catered events, Andrew Michaels, owner of RH241 Catering & Events, is excited to announce his expansion with a brand-new venue designed for Bridal Showers, Baby Showers and everything in between.

Located at 241 South Little Tor Road in New City, RH241 Farm to Family offers brides and moms-to-be a fantastic new NY metro area venue for hosting showers and other private events. The rustic-chic event space seats up to 90 people with views of the historic Cropsey Farm across the street. The Food at RH241 is imbued with farm-fresh flair and locally sourced ingredients. The culinary team at RH241 specializes in modern Farm to Table but is also well versed in many different styles of cuisine based on the customer’s needs.

With a reputation as one of the premier private chefs in the area, Andrew Michaels wanted to bring his high-quality, farm-driven cuisine to a wider audience and provide a unique venue unlike anything else in Rockland County.

“We’re thrilled to take our catering business to the next level and bring our signature culinary and event style to more people in Rockland, Bergen, New York City and beyond,” said Michaels. “We look forward to serving brides, expecting mothers, and their friends and family on their special days with our fantastic combination of innovative food, beautiful location, and stellar service—all customized to fit their budget.”

Andrew Michaels began cooking at a very early age in the family kitchen alongside family members. After college he landed his first job working for the tri-state area’s largest event entertainment-production company where he learned about hospitality and creating memorable events. As his role grew with that company, so did his entrepreneurial interest. In 2012 he launched his first food venture called SMUSH, an ice cream sandwich business that mimicked a traditional NY Deli but offered ‘Deli of Desserts’ in New York City’s Bryant Park and Union Square – it was an overwhelming success.

“As a kid I worked at the local Häagen-Dazs and at my father’s frozen yogurt store, so ice cream was a no brainer for my first venture in the food world.”  After selling SMUSH I knew I wanted to move into real food, so naturally, having a built-in customer-base I started my catering company. The response so far has been tremendous and I am excited to open the new venue and welcome people looking for a unique culinary and party experience,” stated Michaels.

For more information about RH241 or to book an event, or call (845) 638-2233.

~ Popular, High-End Catering Company Launches Event Venue in New City

After spending nearly two decades pleasing people’s palates with exquisitely crafted food and design in his private and corporate event business, Andrew Michaels, owner of RH241, is excited to announce his expansion with a brand-new venue designed for micro-weddings, bridal showers, and everything in between.  

The venue is designed to be a multi-purpose space, and starting this spring, RH241 will be launching a Supperclub Dinner that will take place every Friday and Saturday evening with a chef’s residency program that foodies are sure to love!  

Each month there will be a new and highly acclaimed chef who will curate a one-of-a-kind menu highlighting their background with locally seasonal ingredients. This is sure to be a huge hit amongst food and wine enthusiasts looking for a culinary adventure.  

Located at 241 South Little Tor Road in New City, RH241 is the epitome of a modern farm-to-table destination. The sophisticated rustic-chic interior seats up to 90 people and is situated on the six-acre, plush Red Hill Nursery, with views of the historic Cropsey Farm across the street. This unique location, paired with incredible food and service, will make this a very sought-after place to wine and dine.

For more information visit > (845) 638-2233

~ New Culinary Destination in New City Offers Special Occasion Catering & Exclusive Events